About Us

Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal

Black Isle Veg - fresh, local, seasonalBlack Isle Veg Boxes are the perfect choice for anyone who would like to eat more local, organic and seasonal food. We specialise in leafy greens (spinach, salad, chard etc) but grow a bit of everything & collaborate with other local producers to ensure a good variety of produce is available.

The 20 acre croft is situated in the heart of the Black Isle near Killen. The land has been certified organic since 2002 & the loam soils grow crops of fruit, vegetables, herbs, & grazing for cattle, chickens & sheep.

Organic methods are nothing new to us, we both grew up on organic small holdings which have been on the go for decades and keep going from strength to strength (Poyntzfield Herb Nursery on the Black Isle & Pillars of Hercules Organic Farm in Fife). Add to that a BSc in organic agriculture & 10 years working on other farms, what we do at Fearniewell Croft is a natural progression.