Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything in the box Organic?

FAQsYes all contents is 100% Organic certified and completely traceable. Any produce we can't supply from the site we buy from local organic wholesalers or other certified growers.

What do I do if I need to stop my box?

You can either contact us directly or log in to your boxmaster account where you can set your box to stop for the weeks you are away. The box then re-starts from the dates you select and you are only charged when a box is delivered (direct debit is completely linked to boxes delivered for the week).

What sort of vegetables will be in the box?

Contents depend what is growing on the croft and nearby, plus bits and pieces from further afield. Winter & early spring boxes have plenty roots with some leaf veg. Leafy veg dominates until July when all the new crops are ready. 30 types of vegetable are typically grown each year so there’s quite a range.

Can I choose what goes in my box?

You can tailor the box to likes/dislikes or order a custom box.

Can I buy someone a gift box?

Gift boxes are available to addresses in the delivery area.

What happens when I am not in and my box is delivered?

You can add notes to your order to let us know where you'd like your box left when not in. We also have pick up points located around the city, so you can collect at your convinience and not have your box get wet.

Can I get an occasional box or does it have to be a regular delivery?

You can have a box as often or infrequently as you like, but please give 3 days notice (usually by Monday) so we can plan how much to harvest each week.

How often are deliveries & on what days?

Delivery is every second Wednesday/Thursday to all areas & weekly to Jemimaville, Cromarty & Rosemarkie, Fortrose & Avoch.

Do I have to be home to get a delivery?

No, your box can be left on the doorstep or in a shed etc.

What size of box will suit me?

A regular box contains enough for 1 or 2 people or a small family. A large box will suit 2 people or a family, but it really depends on how many vegetables you eat!

Are other products available?

Lamb, sheepskins, honey & fruit are available in season & there’s always lots of eggs. See the ordering page for details.

Do you go to farmers markets or sell through other outlets?

You may find us at Fortrose, Cromarty & Culbokie Community markets & many occasional markets such as St Boniface fair & food events. Produce is sold weekly through Cromarty Stores, stocked fresh on a Thursday.

Are deliveries made out with the local area?

Veg etc is delivered on the Black Isle, Dingwall & Inverness areas, but collection is welcome too. Unfortunately we can’t meet when out on deliveries as the timings change too much & we don’t have drop off points at the moment. If you are outwith the delivery area then you can arrange for the box to be left at a friends or workplace in the delivery area.