Veg, fruit & flower plants

Veg, flower and fruit plants are often available and are approved for use in organic systems

Healthy, robust plants reared on the croft from organic seeds.

Grown in organic approved Moorland gold compost.

Supplied in damp paper so no plastic to dispose of. Usually grown in cells in reusable trays, each ‘plug’ or ‘cell’ may contain single or multiple plants.

Each plant is approx 5 – 7cm high (not including roots) & should be planted upon delivery. Please ask if any guidance is needed. Easiest way to check availability is to go to the ordering page, select a box then look in the ‘extra items’ list for what’s on offer (no obligation to buy until the order is confirmed). Or send us an email.

Trade enquiries are welcome too, don’t let a failed germination or anything else stop that crop!